Post-Op Instructions

It is important to take care of your surgery site. Please follow these instructions:

  • Bite on gauze to stop bleeding.
  • Change gauze every 30 minutes and continue to apply pressure until the bleeding stops.
  • You may need to lay down and take it easy.

For at least 24 hours do not:

  • Spit excessively or Swish (that leads to spitting)
  • Sip through a straw or Smoke
  • Drink alcohol, carbonated beverages (“pop”), or hot liquids
  • Blow your nose

* Any of these things may cause the blood clot over the surgery site to dislodge from the “socket,” causing a “dry socket” and resulting in unnecessary pain.  (Should this happen, call this office to see the doctor as soon as possible.)

  1. Maintain a soft, moderately temperatured diet with foods that are nutritious and contain protein:  soup, yogurt, milkshake, eggs, cheese sandwich, etc.
  2. If your pain, discomfort, or bleeding continues or worsens, call the office for a re-examination.
  3. If you were given medications, take them according to the instructions.  If you have pain medications at home, you may take them according to the instructions.
  4. Tomorrow morning, start rinsing gently with warm salt water (1/4 teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of water) every four (4) hours for two (2) days.
  5. If any pain, discomfort or problems continue / worsen or questions do arise, call the office: 618.281.6161

Temporary Crowns or Bridges
You have just received a temporary crown.  This temporary crown is meant to serve your needs while a permanent crown is being made for you.  The color, shape & size, and even the “feel” of the plastic temporary crown does not resemble the final (permanent) crown in any way.  Your temporary crown will help protect and lessen any sensitivity while your permanent crown is being created, so it is important to be careful with it during this transition time.

Other things you need to know:

  1.  Please do not chew on your new temporary crown until the anesthetic has worn off.
  2.  Certain foods will stick to the temporary crown.  Please refrain from chewing gum, candies, or other sticky foods.  They could dislodge or pull it out.
  3. Temporary crowns are not strong they may occasionally break or come off.  If this should happen to you, please contact our office immediately, bring your crown with you and we get it back in place.  Without the temporary crown, your teeth may move, causing the permanent crown not to fit properly.  Should you be unable to contact us, simply go to a pharmacy and get some Fixodent.  (Dry you’re your temporary with a cotton swab, place a small amount of Fixodent inside, dry your tooth off with a tissue, then push the temporary back into place.)  Call the office to get the temporary re-cemented.  618.281.6161
  4. Do not brush or floss too vigorously around your temporary crown.  Remember that it is important to keep the area clean-but use caution.

Dentures or Partials
Sore spots may occur under new dentures.  Do NOT cut or grind on the dentures—we will adjust them for you.  If the soreness remains more than one day, return to our office with the dentures in your mouth so we can find the sore spot and adjust the denture for you.  Please call:  618.281.6161

Don’t overwork your dentures, they are artificial.  If you had a wooden leg you wouldn’t expect to run a mile in four minutes, so take it easy.  Learn slowly to use your new teeth.  No one can teach you how to wear your dentures.  It will take time for you to learn the best technique to chew.

Talking and eating will be difficult at first.  Your mouth will seem full of water (saliva) and your tongue will feel boxed-in.  Don’t try to eat a juicy steak, fresh apples, corn on the cob, and similar foods, for the first few weeks.  Gradually change from soft foods to harder varieties, but avoid sticky foods.

Keep your dentures clean to prevent staining and bad breath.  Brush them at least twice a day (in your hand with a denture brush and cleaner.  Do NOT use toothpaste – it will scratch the surface.)  You may leave the dentures in or out of your mouth at night, depending on your preference.  If the dentures are out of your mouth, leave them soaking in a water and mouthwash solution.  Ask about our ultrasonic cleaners – they are great for keeping dentures really clean and fresh.

We do not recommend powder adhesives when your dentures become loose (your mouth shrinks—the denture doesn’t change).  We suggest that you avoid drugstore denture reliners since using them can cause irreparable damage to your mouth.  Have a dentist reline your dentures for best results.  If you should break, chip or crack your denture, return to our office with all the pieces of the denture.  We are usually able to repair your denture.

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